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Fire Truck with Ladder

by UGears
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Become a proud member of your neighborhood fire brigade with the UGears Fire Truck with Ladder model kit. Fashioned after trucks seen in the early twentieth century, this model speaks of a time of budding innovation and industrial fervor. Once complete, this Fire Truck can be thoroughly enjoyed by anyone today. This unique wooden fire truck is a self-propelled model that functions as a true fire truck. It belongs to an updated line of UGears mechanical models, which showcases more elaborate and realistic designs. Made to answer the call of emergency, the ladder of this truck can certainly aid in reaching difficult heights. Since its foundation is on a rotating platform, the ladder can swivel around in many directions. In order to fix the ladder in place, you can lock in the desired position with a special ratchet. This fire ladder is made of three distinct parts. You can expand each part of the ladder by turning the lower dial. At its full height, this ladder has an impressive reach of greater than two feet! The ladder can be retracted in the same manner. When completely extended, this ladder transforms into an actual crane equipped with a hook. An additional bottom swing ladder can be attached to increase accessibility to the main fire ladder. When proper maintenance is required, the fire ladder can be fully detached by pressing the lever to lift up the ladder. As with real fire trucks, this model can run, shift, steer, and accelerate. In order to fuel the gear engine, turn the lever sitting on top of the cab. Proceed to “start” the engine with the shifter in “idle.” You will then be able to see four pistons moving gracefully and realistically under the folding hood. Within the driver’s cabin, you will find a fully functioning steering wheel and gas pedal. Once you are ready to drive to the next emergency call, shift the transmission into “forward” and watch your truck move briskly towards its next fire. If you shift the transmission to "reverse", your truck will return to you. As with most UGears models, each building component is comprised of high-quality eco-friendly plywood. Since each part is pre-cut with laser precision, no additional glue or tools are necessary. Everything you need to build this impressive fire truck is included in your building kit. The detailed step-by-step instructions can be easily followed by any aspiring fire responder aged 14 years and above. Though it may take considerable time, the complete assembly of this model will be truly rewarding. This fun model can stoke an appreciation for fire safety and our everyday heroes. With its utilitarian and sleek design, the UGears Fire Truck with Ladder model kit is a joy for anyone! Model size Fire Truck Ladder: 13.6 x 7.9 x 4.9 in Package size: 14.6 x 6.7 x 2.3 in Number of parts: 537 Level: Hard Assembly Time: 12-14 hours Recommended Age: 14+ Made in Ukraine