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Purchase some of our stuffed animals in Montrose, Grand Junction, CO or anywhere nationwide.

Stuffed animals never go out of style. They're not only great for cuddling with, but they're also great children's gifts. At Fabula, we proudly sell Jellycat's line of stuffed animals. These super soft and super cute animals are made with love and can be shipped to your door or picked up in our store. Whether your child prefers teddy bears or woodland bunnies, we have just what you need.

We also sell picture books made by Jellycat. You can call 970-765-2274 today to learn more about the other stuffed toys we sell.

What type of
stuffed animals
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No matter how old your child is, they'll love a Jellycat stuffed animal. We sell all sorts of toys online and in-store, including stuffed:


In addition to our stuffed toys, we also sell sketch pads, puzzles, tabletop games, and more! To find out more, visit our store today.